One Earth Edible Plants

The One Earth Edibles program provides sustainably grown and USDA certified organic vegetables and herbs to customers. Sustainability is very important to Carousel Garden Center and we are proud to provide our region with USDA certified organic vegetables and herbs from Peace Tree Farm. Peace Tree Farm uses state of the art technology in our greenhouses to promote sustainable growing practices. Some of our sustainable practices including using bio-inoculants to build living soil. The pots are made of recycled plastic or biodegradeable rice based pots; we compost on site and recycle all greenhouse plastics. Peace Tree Farm has also been using biological controls in our integrated pest management plan successfully since 2004!

In our One Earth Edibles program both ornamental and edible varieties can be found to help bring diversity to any garden.  We also grow many heirloom vegetable varieties that are difficult to find organically elseware. Sustainability was one of the principles Peace Tree Farm was founded on and we are excited to provide the local community with organic edible plants!