Links for Garden Information

At Carousel Gardens we are proud to feature only the best plant collections and brands for lawn and garden care. We’ve put together a collection of website links that we feel will help you learn more about your favorite plants as well as to provide helpful tips and information.

We feature plants from Garden Splendor for their quality and variety. Garden Splendor includes an assortment of tropical plants, perennials, and of course, premium shrubs. The website has a ton of great gardening information as well as a Plant Doctor page.

We’ve also added links to other pages on this site, such as lawn care, landscape ideas and flower gardening with plants from our annual and perennial department. We hope you will benefit from these sites, but also remember that the trained professionals at Carousel Gardens are always available to answer questions or help you find the right products for your home and garden.

Carousel Gardens has a large selection of Proven Winnerplants. Our staff is trained and kept up to date on the latest varieties of floweriing plant material as well as tips on combining plants into winning combinations. Proven Winner’s website features a wealth of information and great ideas for planter recipes.

For over 70 years, Bonide, Inc. has been supplying America’s gardeners with what we refer to as our “Problem Solutions.” These are products designed to help hobbyists with just about any home, lawn or garden pest that may be encountered.

We are pleased to be able to offer local plants from George Didden Greenhouse. Check out their website to find annuals and vegetables that will fit your garden.

Here is a listing of other academic websites…

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

Penn State Agricultural Extension Office

Other Businesses at Carousel Village

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Transcend –

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