Tree Planting Service

We love to do the dirty work!

Our specialty is tree planting. You can select from our nursery yard, or we can special order for you. All of our trees and shrubs are selected from quality growers as close to the Delaware Valley as possible.


Based on the soil type and grade where the tree is to be planted, we reserve the right to plant at the depth that best suits the trees being planted. We incorporated the proper amount of Black Forest or Bumper Crop soil conditioner and slow release fertilizer for the variety of plant being planted. We complete the planting with a top dress of shredded hardwood mulch to retain moisture and keep roots cool. Staking is not included in the planting price of trees and shrubs.

Our experience has shown that staking can cause more problems than benefits. We will only stake at your request, or trees that we feel must  be staked because of extreme height. Staking fee will be $30.00 per tree and be done in the professional tripod style. Just let us know if any tree that we plant needs to be straightened within one year and we will straighten it at no cost to you.


If a purchased tree installed by Carousel Gardens dies within six months after planting, we will replace it free of charge. A tree of equal value can be selected. The replacement tree is not guaranteed. No guarantee for damage by deer, rabbits, and/or rodents.


Upon purchase, we will quote the planting fees based on volume and distance traveled.